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Beautyflow Signature Facial 


A luxuriously relaxing facial tailored solely to your skin’s needs.


30 min $70

1 hour $120 


Rejuvenate and Renew 


A treatment with the wow factor that provides skin rejuvenation and amazing results using amazing Honey Peel.

 Enzymes, plus raw honey and natural alpha hydroxy acids to perfectly resurface, hydrate and smooth, skin, papaya and honey extract, dissolve away, dead cells and infuse skin with powerful antioxidants that nourish protect and Brighten. 


1 hour $140


Clarifying and Hydrating Peel 


Reveal instantly a smoother, flawless skin with Priori’s Multi layer peeling exfoliation made up of all different molecule Size AHA’s that way it penetrates at all different skin levels for achieving superior multi layer exfoliation. Also has BHA is perfect for decongesting, refining pores and killing bacteria. 

Plus four  vitamin skin antioxidants to protect your skin. 

This Peel is a real skin treat.


30 min $95

1 hour $145 


Brightening and Age Defying Peel 


PRIORI SUPERCEUTICAL PEEL. Delivering advanced skin correction, Priori’s Superceutical Peel features Lactic Acid, CoQ10 and Superoxide Dismutate for the ultimate brightening and age correcting visible results. This treatment is great for anyone looking to address pigmentation, deep lines/wrinkles, sun damage, hormonal acne/acne scaring and retexturizing.


30 min $95

1 hour $145 


Acne and Ageing Pumpkin Peel 


Simultaneously clarify, exfoliate and draw out impurities while nourishing skin for an immediate, radiant glow. 

* Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

* Dissolves dead skin and encourages cell turnover for a thorough chemical exfoliation with no down time. 

* Balances excess oil.

* Fights acne bacteria. 

* Helps fade pigmentation.


WHO IT’S FOR: Appropriate for skin that is not sensitive and has issues like acne, (not open or inflamed), hyperpigmentation, dullness and aging.


30 mins $95

1 hour $145 

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