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Brow Lamination 

Brow Wax & Tint 

Brow Lamination is an amazing treatment for someone who has thinner eyebrows and wants a fuller look, or for someone who has thick hair that needs to be tamed.

Or if your just wanting to achieve that fluffy brow look.

Involves perming the brow hairs straight to enhance and give a fuller brow look, last 5-6 weeks.

- Start of with a brow massage using a brow scrub to thoroughly clean the brow area

- Start the lamination process 

- Shape the eyebrows with wax, followed by a tint to help define the brow. 

- Keratin Botox treatment to condition and hydrate the brow hairs. 

- Brow Lamination and wax only 

Lux Lamination Combo $110

Brow Lamination $95

Lash and Brow tint $40

Brow wax and tint $45

Brow wax, Brow tint and Lash tint $55

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